31 years old Carlos Ng (陳家樂) gains fame and his acting skills receives recognition after acting as a “frozen grandfather” in Daddy Cool (逆緣) drama lately. He finally makes it successfully after joining showbiz for 15 years. Earlier during an interview, Carlos disclosed he was forced to borrow money from his friends due to jobless and no income for some time. Although he is not considered an “A” grade actor yet, but Carlos has a stable income now.

It appears that Carlos is driving a BMW vehicle which costs around $280,000 and should be having a satisfactory income since he can maintain his car expenses.

However, East Week (東周網) discovers Carlos’s car has zero privacy as there is a photo of himself, TVB work pass and several papers with written information including 2 mobile numbers in the vehicle. It is suspected that it is convenient for other car owners to contact him if there is scratches or his fans may call and chat with him. Other than that, there is used plastic bags as well and it is unbelievable that Carlos looks neat but has a messy car.

Credit To: http://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/77899

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