Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) and Derek Tsang’s (曾國祥) girlfriend, Venus Wong (王敏奕) filmed healthy beverage advertisement together a few days ago. Both acted as a couple who needed to speak mushy words and call each other as baby. One of the scenes illustrated that Pak Ho had to sleep on Venus’s thigh and he said: “It is a smooth filming process and fun to shoot with Venus.” Venus said: “We have many common friends and I feel happy to work with him.”

Venus and Pak Ho were required to disguise as a loving couple and she said: “Hope Pak Ho’s fans will not be angry with me.” He said: “Nope. They will be mad at me and I reckon the crew team feel that I speak too many mushy words. But I feel it is alright and love needs some moisture after all.”

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