28 years old Dickson Yu (余德丞) fell into a coma when playing soccer on 8th August 2018 and admitted into ICU at Queen Mary hospital immediately. His mother and manager have been visiting him for the past 2 days. At 12pm on 10th August 2018, Dickson’s mother arrived at the hospital followed by his manager. They left with 3 relatives after staying for an hour. When asked about Dickson’s condition, both remained silent and his manager said: “Nothing to say and we have said everything for the past 2 days. Thank you.” In addition, Dickson’s junior and his mother visited him and chatted with Dickson’s mother.

Credit To: https://ol.mingpao.com/php/showbiz3.php?nodeid=1533884120308&subcate=latest&issue=20180810

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