Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) is heavily groomed by TVB and continued to promote The Stunt (特技人) drama on 17th August 2018. When mentioned about acting as a strict father teaching his son about sex knowledge and making the audiences laughing, Shaun did not feel embarrassed about it: “No embarrassment at all! This scene focuses on me teaching sex knowledge to the child and I try to use an implicit method to show it to the audiences. (Showing your humour?) Nope but a realistic side.”

Checking if he replaced Kenneth Ma (馬國明) as the male lead in Forensic Heroes 4 (法證先鋒4) drama directed by Mui Siu Ching (梅小青), Shaun denied it: “Nope and the male lead has an implicit meaning. I feel Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is the male lead and not me in Succession War (天命) drama. As for Forensic Heroes 4 series, there is 3 actors including me during the meeting and I am not the male lead despite acting as a cop. (2 more actors are present?) I cannot say it. (Good opponents?) I really have no idea and Kenneth is shooting other drama. (He is not free to film the series?) Yes.”

In addition, Shaun will be going for a vacation with his family in end August: “My daughters ignores me and pushes me away when sleeping. She is closer to her mother and it hurts my heart. (Spend more time with her?) Yes. I am going for a vacation with my family immediately after filming The Killing From 18 Years Ago (十八年後的殺人告白) drama. (Celebrating your father’s, Ti Lung (狄龍) birthday together in 2 days time?) Yes, but I cannot accompany him due to working and we will celebrate together since my son’s birthday is near.”

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