Amy Chan (陳秀雯) and Dick Liu (廖啟智) were filming ViuTV new series (教束) at Hang Hau on 28th August 2018. Dick acted as a school principal and expressed that the drama focused on the relationship between the teachers and students and tensions among the students. As for Amy, she portrayed as a vice-principal and had conflicts with Dick: “It shows what is happening in the school.” Dick added that it was a realistic plot line.

When asked if both noticed the education system in Hong Kong as both were parents in reality, Amy said: “Yes. Some of my friends’ children are still small and I feel being parents are not easy, as they need to look for school before their children turn 1 year old. I am clueless that the children need to learn 2 musical instruments and art as well. It should not be like this.” Dick believed the problem came from comparison: “It is troublesome when there is comparison and the world is……” Amy denied about being monster parent all along and gave freedom to his son. Dick said: “Honestly, I believe in developing freely and there is indeed a difference when compared to the inner heart. Anyway, it is best not to have any comparison.”

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