Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) gains fame in Hong Kong and China after shooting Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama which results in a high peak to her career. As she acts as an evil empress, it is considered a challenge and Charmaine confessed that she looked forward to acting the role character, Consort Xian: “It is quite fun to act as a villain.”

Apparently, it is not easy to film Story of Yanxi Palace series especially under the hot weather. During an interview, the shooting continued under the hot weather as high as 45 degree Celsius and the indoor shooting was around 50 degree Celsius, as all the lights were switched on and the windows were closed. Charmaine even warned the children not to learn it: “I learn it after a long time and no longer sweating.” She added the discomfort would not affect her acting skills and was indeed a professional artiste.

Earlier on Weibo, Charmaine shared photo of herself using a portable air-cooler: “I remembered it is suffering to shoot Story of Yanxi Palace series at 45 degree Celsius temperature around this time last year. As a result, I frown frequently and feel better after using a portable air-cooler. We should learn to use a relaxed mindset to resolve the problems and it is a success now. Enjoying the result after the suffering! #Charmaine Sheh #Story of Yanxi Palace” In the photo, Charmaine does not have any sweat at all.

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