Chinese actor, Zheng Kai (鄭愷) acted as a shop manager during an event, Emporio Armani on 30th August 2018 and it attracted big group of fans. He came over to Hong Kong many times and loved to eat steamboat. Zheng Kai revealed he knew Raymond Lam (林峯) for 10 years and they filmed a drama together not long ago. Raymond usually acted as his tour guide and took him to try delicious Cantonese cuisine.

When mentioned if Keep Running (奔跑吧) show will be starting the 7th season, Zheng Kai replied he had no idea and will be promoting films. He also will be attending film festivals in Venice and Toronto.

Zheng Kai currently had a dry love life and lacked of time for dating. Revealing that Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) was involved in tax evasion and separated with Li Chen (李晨), Zheng Kai responded he was clueless and seldom met up with Li Chen lately. He then requested the media to ask him questions related to the event.

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