Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) attended the dinner party for Finding Her Voice (牛下女高音) on 1st September 2018. Jacqueline expressed she would be filming new series in mid October and would be going for stage performance in Canada to pay for her property, vehicle and holidays. When asked if her boyfriend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was travelling together with her, Jacqueline admitted to it and had not decided the destination: “Life is short and too many destinations.”

When mentioned about the executive producer (何小慧) for Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant complained about the finalist, Yutori Kudo’s (工藤佑采) poor attitude and she used a black face to defend herself on Instagram, Jacqueline replied Yutori was in the wrong and said: “You should expect the hardship once you enter into the contest. Everyone except her can do it and obviously, it is her problem. During the contest at the time, I have two performances every two days and assume showing black face is her attitude towards the dancing. (It is suffering to become background setting after the failure?) Nope. Despite suffering for many months, it is considered a good memory when you get to express yourself on the stage and she should dance well. I am very disappointed in her if because of that reason.”

Credit To: https://ol.mingpao.com/php/showbiz3.php?nodeid=1535874494477&subcate=latest&issue=20180902

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