Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and Julian Cheung (張智霖) attended a mooncake festival on 2nd September 2018. They took photos with the children and he carried two kids together at once. Julian expressed he usually exercised and had no intention to have a daughter due to his busy work schedule. He revealed he would be celebrating mooncake festival with his family this year and promoting his new film in Beijing thereafter.

Although Julian’s son, Morton Cheung (魔童) is 11 years old, but Julian wished to become a grandfather and hope Morton will have a child upon reaching 18 years old. He said: “I feel happy and energetic when a child less than 10 years walks besides me. My son will ignore me if I am talking to him.” Despite Julian will turn 55 years old in 7 years time, but he feels it is amusing when walking with his grandson but resembling his “brother”.

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