Ron Ng (吳卓羲) attended a fashion show at Wan Chai on 5th September 2018. Mentioning about the rumours related to his new romance during his birthday party a few days ago, he denied it and said: “The birthday party is arranged by Michael Mui (苗僑偉) and I invite many old friends. I know her for several years and it is normal to be closer during the photo session.” Ron expressed his desire for new relationship but he completed filming the new movie (再見·女人街) and would be shooting the sequel of Flying Tiger (飛虎) drama. He would announce it if he was dating in the future.

Asking about his criteria, Ron said: “It does not matter if the girl is working in showbiz or other industry. It depends on destiny and we need time to cultivate the feelings and I must save money as well. (How much are you planning to save money?) I need to save money for marriage and family. I can accompany my wife and children. (Set up a family when you are more than 50 years old?) Let me think about it and it is unrelated to the age. I am trying out movie industry after leaving TVB.”

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