29 years old Dickson Yu (余德丞) fell into a coma while playing football on 8th August 2018 and was admitted into ICU at Queen Mary hospital. He was in grave danger condition and received praying from the public. On 13th August 2018, Dickson was transferred to cardiology ward for continuous observation and updated his condition personally on 21st August. Finally, he had completed the treatments and was discharged from the hospital on 7th September.

Dickson left a long message:

“I am discharged from the hospital finally!

Thank you to the doctors and nurses for monitoring me for 24 hours and taking care of me in Queen Mary hospital. They even came over to check on me this morning and really appreciate it!

Sorry for making my family worried about me. Thank you for preparing the stuff I need and 3 meals for me daily.

Thank you to the company, my manager and a group of good colleagues. They are worried about me and try to comfort me whenever they are free.

Thank you to everyone including my fans showing concerns and sending regards to me online. Although I cannot reply to everyone, but I can feel your sincerity.

Honestly speaking, it is terrible to face 3 walls without opening the window for many days. Hence, I will definitely cherish my life and refrain from making people worry about me after this encounter.

The doctor advises me not to exercise in the short term and I believe it is hard for me to get used to it. However, there is no second chance in a life and fortunately, I manage to survive and will definitely cherish it. Please give me additional time to rest and I will make a comeback soon. #I want to stay healthy #home is the best  #second life #come back stronger #happy birthday tome #hk #hkig #instadaily #yuts”

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