New film (非同凡響) starring Cecilia Yip (葉童), Jennifer Yu (余香凝) and Jo Kuk (谷祖琳) will be airing in October. In the movie, Jennifer acted as a student without any make-up and sang the theme song (陽光普照).

Although the movie has yet to air, but the theme song is already released and it is considered Jennifer’s 4th workpiece after joining singing industry last year: “I have a high pitch voice when recording song initially and the version that we are listening now is lowered by 5 key.”

When mentioned about without make-up in the film, Jennifer agreed to it immediately: “I have confidence in my skin so I agree to the director’s request immediately. It is my first time to act without make-up and I do not mind either reducing or gaining weight and making myself ugly as an actress. Doing my part well is the most important.” She also felt happy that the audiences failed to recognise her at the movie premiere.

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