Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) announced she gave birth to a baby son, Jared Anthony Leung at home online earlier and was considered brave to make this move. As she had cameo appearance in Another Era (再創世紀) drama, Linda recorded a short video which was aired during the press conference at Tsuen Wan on 9th September 2018. She revealed she was currently having confinement and secretly went out from her house to record a video clip so as to show her support. We could even hear the baby’s sound in the background: “I feel very honoured to shoot Another Era drama. I sneak out from my house secretly as having confinement now.” Linda also introduced her role character and thanked the crew team for choosing her current residence, Vancouver as the location shooting. She failed to remember her last workpiece after giving birth to Kelly.

In addition, Linda mentioned about her opponent, Frankie Lam (林文龍) and called him as “Long Ye” (龍爺). She remembered the last series that they collaborated was Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒) around 12 years ago: “I become a mother after 12 years later and feel elated to shoot series together. At the time, I feel very nervous and thank you to Frankie who has the patience and gives me lots of encouragements and confidence for doing my part well.”

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