Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama becomes a hot trend in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The “Empress”, Qin Lan (秦嵐) travelled to Hong Kong lately and attracted a big group of fans during the activity. As she collaborated with Leo Ku (古巨基) in My Fair Princess 3 (還珠格格3) drama, they became good friends and he told his wife, Lorraine to show her around in Hong Kong. Lorraine even arranged Vivian Chow (周慧敏) to give a surprise to Qin Lan behind Leo’s back and Qin Lan felt very touched. They filmed a short video clip and shared it with their fans. Qin Lan expressed it was a night with blessings as she felt shocked upon seeing her “goddess”. She remarked Vivian was a role model to her and sang one sentence from her idol’s classic song (自作多情) at the request of Leo. It made Vivian felt extremely touched after hearing it.

On 13th September 2018, Vivian shared photo of Qin Lan, Leo and herself and left a message on Instagram: “Last night, Lorraine arranged me to give a surprise to Qin Lan and Leo has no idea at all.” In the photo, the “empress” transformed into a little fan who looked overjoyed.

Subsequently, Vivian uploaded another photo of Qin Lan and herself: “Qin Lan is a courteous woman who makes people feel comfortable. Congratulations to your success in Story of Yanxi Palace drama! Thank you for your love and I give my blessing to you.” It received compliments from many netizens who wished to see them work together in the future.

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