Eliza Sam (岑麗香) was married to her husband, Joshua in Vancouver in end 2016 and he shifted his career from Canada to Hong Kong in order to spend more time together. Although both expressed they were not anxious to become parent, but it was obvious they wanted to have a baby and did not have any safety precaution. In June 2018, Eliza rejected to renew contract with TVB due to focusing on her family and nourishing her body for her baby plan. She disclosed her baby plan after her contract ended and return to Canada with her hubby for 2 months.

Recently, Eliza and Joshua came back to Hong Kong after a long vacation and she resumed with her work. Despite the silence, but both were currently trying hard for a baby and welcoming a new family member anytime.

A few days ago around 9.30pm, East Week (東周網) discovered Eliza and Joshua drove to the airport and waited at the arrival hall. Eliza did not wear any make-up and remain slim overall and it was odd to see her wearing a jacket in a hot weather. While waiting, she leaned on her husband and they resembled a loving couple. Joshua went to the convenience store to buy a bottle of water for her and was indeed a good husband.

Credit To: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/81255