Andy Hui (許志安) attended the movie premiere related to environmental protection at night on 12th September 2018. He expressed he had been going for water skiing which made him realise the importance of environmental protection, as he saw many plastics and rubbish at the beach. Andy felt he had the responsibility to teach environmental protection to the next generation and was used to bringing a water bottle: “I have no idea about how much I can help but it is better than not doing anything.”

When mentioned about his wife, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) wearing swimsuit was used as the album cover, Andy praised she looked cool and beautiful. It was unnecessarily to seek for his permission before the shooting and would not stir his jealousy as well: “Have to show it if it is nice and it is weird if you are covered from head to toe during summer. (Consider wearing swimming trunk at fashion show?) Wearing a suit with swimming trunk or performing at a street? People may tell me to get lost even before starting.”

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