Coco Lee is currently busy preparing for her new song to mark her 25th anniversary years (next year) in showbiz. It reminded her of releasing her debut album on 15th June 1994 and she felt envy of other singers who got to sing in front of the television, as the company could not afford to pay for the advertising fees and Coco could only sat down. Hence, she requested for another opportunity from the heaven and Coco had another chance after 2 weeks. However, she mispronounced 19 years old to “washing feet water” due to her poor Mandarin at the time.

When mentioned about going for artificial insemination lately, Coco replied to let nature take its course and told the reporters to stop asking it as it might be unsuccessful. Asking if she would beg from the god again, Coco said: “Yes, it is good to have dreams. I will cherish all opportunities given.”

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