Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) promoted her new song (兩口子) at the radio station on 13th September 2018. She revealed she would be releasing HiFi disc with 3 new songs in end 2018 and 2 of the songs had slow rhythm. Kristal was currently busy preparing for the new show (女人40) and involving in the production other than hosting.

Kristal added that one of the new songs illustrated the mother’s love which reminded her of her deceased mother. She begun to cry upon reading the first 3 sentences of the song lyrics: “I have been taking care of her for few years until she passed away. Although I have no children, but I can feel the mother’s nobleness and unable to control myself upon reading the song lyrics.” Kristal disclosed she had a breakdown whenever going into the recording studio and tried to control herself, as it was a happy song and she had to record it on one day.

As Kristal would be turning 41 years old in end September, she had already planned for a vacation with her husband, Chapman To (杜汶澤) and a group of friends to Thailand.

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