2018 Toronto International Film Festival commences not long ago and many celebrities have travelled over. Chinese artiste, Yang Mi (楊冪) represents her new film, Baby (楊冪) and attends the festival.

Apparently, a Taiwanese media pointed Yang Mi behaved like a big shot with a poor attitude and only said hello to the reporters. Yang Mi denied it immediately and clarified that it was a fake news as she accepted interviews from 5 different media all at once.

Based on the Taiwanese news report, Yang Mi treated her fans coldly and rejected all interviews. Her staff defended her that Yang Mi accepted the interviews and appeared passionately to her fans. She also replied many questions raised from the audiences and there was a video clip to act as the proof. They explained that Yang Mi felt tired and suffered from a flu due to the jet lag and continuous travelling for 3 days. As her new film, Baby was released on a world movie premiere, Yang Mi specially applied leave from the crew team in Shanghai in order to attend the festival.

Lastly, the staff added that Yang Mi greeted a group of artiste and spoke more than a word, hello. The male lead, Guo Jingfei (郭京飛) even cracked a joke: “Do we need to speak English? Let’s leave it to Yang Mi.” He then said hello to Yang Mi.

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