Tracy Chu (朱千雪) tried to earn some income before returning to school on 14th September 2018. She learned to make chocolate mooncake at an event related to mid-autumn festival in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tracy expressed her boyfriend was supposed to arrive to Hong Kong during the weekend and they planned to celebrate mid-autumn festival together, but the flight was cancelled due to typhoon. She reckoned they would see each other after that and when asked if Tracy felt disappointed, she said: “It does not matter. Shouldn’t we celebrate mid-autumn festival with our families? He has no leave for mid-autumn festival but needs to spend time together during valentine’s day, birthday and christmas.”

Tracy felt frightened about the typhoon in Hong Kong this time and she did not use plastics to seal the window before. She bought many dried food and placed it at home. When mentioned about gaining weight slightly, Tracy said: “Some people said skinny while others said fat. It does not matter and happiness is the most important. Anyway, I will not gain weight for some time.”

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