Although there is many beautiful celebrities in showbiz, but it is not easy to gain recognition and leave a deep impression to the public. After Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) are married, they leave TVB and another favourite actress, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) is rumoured to depart as well. She is pointed to withdraw from showbiz and turn into a lawyer. In addition, a law firm already had intention to hire her and Tracy said during an interview from HK01 (香港01): “Yes, I have no series after Legal Mavericks (踩過界) due to time constraint.”

Tracy emerged as the champion of Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant in 2002 and finally got an opportunity as the female lead role in Over Run Over (EU超時任務) drama after working hard for 4 years. Vincent Wong (王浩信) starred as her love interest and their bitter romance in the series made many audiences shedding their tears. Subsequently, Tracy pursued her studies and graduated in 2015. She continued with her studies in 2016 and paved the way to her law career.

Earlier, Tracy accepted an interview from HK01 and said: “Lawyer is a respectable profession and whether I can work as a lawyer successfully depends on the training for the new few years. Hence, I am focusing on my current career.” Looking back at the record, Tracy acted in 4 drama in 2016 and it was hard to see her on-screen performance thereafter. Finally, she made a cameo appearance by playing Vincent’s old love, Yanice in Legal Mavericks series in 2017. As Wikipedia stated that Tracy starred in new drama, Jin Yi Building (金宵大廈) which had yet to air, HK01 verified with the crew team that it was a false information. Looks like it is highly likely that we can only see Tracy if she is invited in the variety show now.

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