Candy Lo (羅霖) and her friend invested 6 digits into a beauty medical centre opened on 15th September 2018 and her good friends including Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Anderson Junior (安德尊), Susan Tse (謝雪心) and Nelson Cheung (張學潤) turned up to show their supports personally. Candy felt touched to see Nancy and happy that many benefactors appeared in her life.

In order to promote her business, Candy filmed advertisement and revealed her fit body figure: “We need to shoot it within 2 days and fortunately, I slim down due to poor appetite after the surgery. I do not really need to lose weight.” She also explained that acting was considered an unstable career and decided to invest in a business. Candy added her contract with Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) company had ended and would be joining a new company on 1st October 2018.

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