Palace rivalry drama have become a hit in recent years and My Fair Princess (還珠格格) series has been perceived as the stepping stone 20 years ago. Lately, there is news reporting that the novel author and scriptwriter, Chiung Yao (瓊瑤) had intention to film a remake version of My Fair Princess drama for the third time including the animation and games during the press conference for Tencent Pictures (騰訊影業) in 2018. Many audiences were shocked and made negative comments upon releasing the news.

Apparently, My Fair Princess series caused great impact and became a hot trend immediately including the Chinese community in Western countries upon broadcasting in 1998. The audiences were completely addicted to the drama and would definitely sat in front of the television to wait for the airing. It also established breaking records in different television stations consisting of ATV (亞視) which took the lead to broadcast it and caused a chaos during the prime time slot in TVB. Many television stations in China would rebroadcast My Fair Princess drama every year and it was considered an important classic drama to the audiences.

Subsequently, the second and third instalments of My Fair Princess series was aired in 1999 and 2003 but the ratings record was decreased due to the change of cast team in the third season. Many audiences believed the original version was perfect and it was futile if the remake version was less interesting. In addition, the public were puzzled by Ching Yao’s decision to film the remake version again when the ratings record for New My Fair Princess (新还珠格格) drama was obviously unsatisfactory. Some netizen remarked Ching Yao should not film the classic series again even if she promised to shoot it according to the youngsters’ preferences.

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