It was the first time for Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and his fiancee, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) to attend an activity together after announcing his marriage news a few days ago. He was pointed to buy a place for Phoebe in columbarium and treated her as his family member long ago.

Phoebe said helplessly: “Please stop cursing us and we are currently preparing for our wedding. I am quite scared when the reporters ask me a couple of days ago.” Ruco was speechless upon reading the news as it was supposed to be a joyous occasion and he promised to respond after his wedding.

When asked if they would appear as a couple team frequently, Ruco replied they did not mind it since they attended activities together previously and there was a change in status only. Phoebe admitted she was unused to the new status and told everyone not to call her auntie. Checking if she felt tired of seeing each other, Phoebe said: “Of course not. Otherwise, I will not marry him.” Ruco felt it was sweet to spend time together frequently.

As both would register their marriage in mid October, Ruco said: “Not only signing it but thinking of using blood as well. Will announce if there is any good news. (Fetching your bride?) Will try to complete all procedures.”

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