Anne Heung (向海嵐) filmed Love is Beautiful (無頭東宮) drama with Mariane Chan (陳妙瑛) in 2002. In the series, they swapped faces and Anne acted as an evil concubine in order to maintain her status. At the time, her outstanding acting skills based on the series shocked the audiences but she withdrew from the showbiz suddenly in 2008. Anne then ventured into Shanghai and worked in a public relations department in a big company.

Recently. East Week (東周網) discovered Anne at a dinner gathering and she was currently staying in Hong Kong. Other than participating in stage play and musical concert, she also set up a jewellery brand selling jade with her friends. On that night, Anne was seen wearing jade jewellery and promoting it to her friends. Anne told East Week that she would be seeing a client later and showing another set of jewellery to them. It is definite that East Week will share with their readers.

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