Many netizens are full of curiosity whenever the celebrities speak in English. Lately, TVB is broadcasting Another Era (再創世紀) series focusing on business competitions. It is normal to see the cast team members to converse in English in terms of financial terminology but odd to hear when the names such as Walter and Martin were translated into Mandarin in Chinese version. Despite the fluent English dialogues in TVB version, but it also becomes a heated discussion.

In the drama, Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Niki Chow (周勵淇) went to an art exhibition in Prague and their conversation with a Western artist created a heated topic among the netizens. Apparently, Roger looked stiff when saying in English: “I love your work so much, especially this one, it’s excellent.” As for Niki, she appeared to pronounce precious as pressure and many begun to suspect if she did study in Diocesan Girls’ School (拔萃女書院) previously.

Mentioning about another cast team member, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), she grows up in Canada and her fluent English definitely wins compliments from the netizens. However, they felt Linda sounded exaggerating whenever she said: “oh my god!” Although the audiences in Hong Kong are used to listening to English dialogues, but not the Chinese audiences whom even made fun of Linda’s English such as she disliked the pace and air. It is an amusing sight that it is transformed into a remix version. Hence, do you prefer Hong Kong English accent or Western English accent?

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