Ali Lee (李佳芯) filmed an advertisement and poster for the jockey club a few days ago. During the shooting, she portrayed 3 different images such as pink lady, wearing a bright red dress and white dress showing her elegance with trendy head accessories. It gave a dazzling look to everyone instantly and Ali revealed her love for the horses since little: “I love horses since little and even secretly learn horse riding before. I monitor horse events too.”

When asked if she wished to become a horse trainer or owner as a “horse fan”, Ali said: “Definitely horse owner and it has always been my dream especially after interacting with it. I hope to give the best to the horse and it resembles to adopting a child. I will treat it as part of my family.” She even added that she would name it as “Ali’s Son” or “Ali’s Daughter” and it is evident to see Ali’s strong love for the horses.

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