Chinese actress, Li Bingbing filmed Hollywood movie, The Meg (極悍巨鯊) and the box office reaped $5 billion (USD). It increased her popularity as a result. On 19th September 2018, Bingbing attended an opening ceremony for a Switzerland watch brand as the worldwide spokesperson.

Bingbing spoke in Cantonese during the interview and praised the male lead, Jason Statham (積遜史達咸) was a good and friendly man. They worked happily and rehearsed their dialogues during the shooting. When asked if there was a sequel, Bingbing said: “Probably but we are not informed yet. It is not easy to film the movie and I am a poor swimmer as well. (Request for higher pay?) You (the media) have the final say.”

Asking if she was afraid of the government checking on her for tax purpose since she earned hefty income, Bingbing said: “I do everything legally.” Reminding of Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) tax evasion issue and there was no updated news, Li Bingbing’s assistant replied on behalf of her: “Sorry. No response at all!”

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