Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) attended a haircare activity as the spokesperson at Tsuen Wan on 18th September 2018. He shared his secret for maintaining his thick hair through a healthy lifestyle: “I eat oatmeal and black sesame as breakfast and ensure my hair is completely clean after washing. I also wear a headgear since filming series around 10 years ago. Perhaps I am getting old and my hair starts to drop now. I always try my best to keep myself happy so that my hair will grow back quicker.”

As the strong typhoon is happening in Hong Kong and causing floods everywhere, Benjamin resides in Tseung Kwan O which is one of the badly affected areas as it is near the sea and the carpark is flooded as well. He said: “I cannot sleep well as worry about the windows in my house. The typhoon is extremely strong and the usual area that I go for running is flooded too. The whole situation is in chaos and I feel very heart pain. In addition, I feel like dashing to the carpark to check on my car upon reading the news but I decide to give up since the elevator is not in use. I check on my car today and fortunately, it is in good condition.”

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