Although Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and her husband, Him Law (羅仲謙) work in different countries frequently, but they remain a loving couple and show their love in the air at times. She believed honesty and communication were the main keys to maintain a relationship and treating the opposite party as a good friend when he confided in her about his problems. When asked about their baby plan, Tavia replied it depended on the god and would arrive at the right timing.

Tavia is heavily groomed by the company and becomes her hubby’s precious now. She admitted she had a different mentality in terms of acting, was given additional choices and could slow down her pace. Checking if she tried to avoid intimate scenes after married, Tavia responded it depended on the mindset and role character and she must convince herself first. She was considered a conservative person and it was important to show respect to her husband.

As Tavia is turning into 40 years old next year, she did not feel scared and say with confidence: “I am not scared and it is normal. What I need is to maintain my youth well and keeping myself healthy.”

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