Max Cheung (張達倫) and his family and Angie Cheong (張慧儀) attended an opening ceremony of a beauty centre. Max’s son is 11 months old and looks very cute especially when speaking in baby language. He revealed his son tried to call him daddy but he always dropped something whenever trying to call him. Max did not mind shooting commercial as father and son team but not drama as it was suffering.

As for Angie, she expressed her adopted son would be undergoing for heart surgery in October and would be stopping her work in end September to accompany him. She pointed her son had a positive mindset and he treated it as taking a nap when going for body check-up previously. Angie felt unhappy that her son had to go through the suffering and agitated due to the stress. She also felt grateful to Children’s Heart Foundation (兒童心臟基金會) for giving her supports and guidances, and helped to promote and participate in charity drive.

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