It is Dickson Yu’s (余德丞) first day to resume his work and attend an event with his rumoured girlfriend, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Both wore matching outfits and Sisley’s parent were present. They played games together and Dickson kneeled down to give flowers to Sisley who smiled sweetly. Both also made drinks together and Sisley praised Dickson looked more dashing after discharged from the hospital. When asked if they were friends indeed, Sisley said: “I am more gentle towards him now. I feel very scared upon knowing it and visiting him at the hospital proves that I cherish our friendship.”

Asking if Dickson met Sisley’s parent, he replied he lacked of the opportunity and the reporters urged him to take photo together with her parent as a result. From the look of it, they do resemble a family.

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