Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama receives excellent responses in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and the public seem to love palace rivalry series in recent years. When asked about the continuous popularity of palace rivalry drama, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) believed it depended on the plot: “Regardless of period or modern drama, the success of Story of Yanxi Palace drama depends the cast team and packaging and it is different from the past series as well.

As Chinese drama focus on palace rivalry, Wayne has a breakthrough this year and shoots the first Chinese series (鳳弈). When asked if he felt unfair to be given the second male lead role in the drama as TV King in Hong Kong, Wayne said: “Nope. I work from the bottom since joining showbiz and there is room for developments in this role character. It is considered good to give me the second male lead role and acting skills does not depend on the number of scenes but the reviews.” Anyway, Wayne’s acting skills is definitely recognised since he is the TV King.

Checking about the reason for accepting the series, Wayne admitted the renowned scriptwriter (張華標) had a heavy influence on him: “He is the screen writer for this drama. We work together for a long time and he understands me completely. I have no worries and agree immediately without reading the script at all.” Mentioning about venturing into China now, Wayne replied his son was small at the point and he did not want to leave his family for a long period of time. From the look of it, it is obvious that Wayne is a good husband, father and actor.

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