OMG, Your Honour (是咁的,法官閣下) drama starring Grace Wong (王君馨), Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Louisa Mak (麥明詩) is considered one of TVB anniversary series in 2018. In the preview clip released on 25th September 2018, it shows the kissing scene between Grace and Louisa. Grace expressed it was her first time to kiss a girl and fortunately, she was familiar with Louisa and completed it within a take: “I send a text to Matt Yeung (楊明) after that and he makes a good choice.”

Grace added Ben and she acted as a married couple in the drama and many customers surrounded them when shooting at the supermarket. It made her felt very embarrassed: “It is a cold romance in the series. Fortunately, my husband is not like that and we have 12 years relationship which is considered stable. He visits me during the shooting and has no idea about the intimate scenes. He seldom watches television anyway.” Grace also gave her blessing when her good friend, Rita was getting married to Calvin Poon (潘源良).”

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