Tracy Chu (朱千雪) debuted into showbiz through Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant in 2012 and was heavily groomed by TVB thereafter. However as her career was making progress gradually, she suddenly decided to stop her work and pursue her law studies.

Earlier, East Week (東周) saw Tracy in Kowloon Tong coincidentally and realised she did not have an easy studying life. Around 2pm in the afternoon, she was seen dressed up casually in a navy skirt and resembled an ordinary school student. Tracy bought a bottle of water and sandwich at a cafe in a shopping mall before going to the school. From the look of it, she appeared in a rush and ate her sandwich quickly while walking.

Subsequently, Tracy went to the lecture theatre with a female friend and was discussing the homework with around 6 to 7 classmates together. They looked very focused and Tracy seemed to establish close bonding with them.

Tracy left the school around 5pm and walked into an Apple store to repair her mobile or computer in a shopping centre. It is expected that a celebrity will receive good customer service and the assistant attended to her promptly and answered her enquiries. Tracy also attracted stares from many passer-by but she ignored it and bought some sushi and instant food in a supermarket after that. It is reckoned that she is having it for dinner and Tracy is indeed a thrifty woman.

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