Athena Chu (朱茵) and Louis Cheung (張繼聰) attended the movie premiere, The Lingering (古宅) as the cast team members at night on 26th September 2018. Athena’s husband, Paul (黃貫中) was present as well and she expressed the main shooting area was at an old vacant mansion with 100 years of history. The lights was very dim and it looked darker after the sun had set down. When asked if she saw any spirits in the mansion, Athena said: “Nope. My mind will not wander around and what matters most is to show respect.” Although she was a Christian, but Athena followed the procedure and accepted the red packet.

Mentioning that she filmed a Chinese variety show (想想辦法吧!爸爸) with her family earlier and if it was suspended due to spending on the child, Athena replied she had no idea and looked forward to see her husband taking care of her daughter.

When checked if they were paid with a hefty sum for their performances, Athena said: “You have to ask the company. To me, it is considered a rare opportunity and good memory regardless of the money as it means an unforgettable memory to my family. Before the shooting, my daughter is closer to me and she gets to build the bonding with her father in the show. He wins her trust as a result.” In addition, Louis expressed that he treated Athena as his “goddess”.

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