23 years old Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) has many rumours since joining showbiz and been emphasising her single status, but is taken photographs of holding hands tightly with a man named, Anthony who works for a famous e-sports company as senior management a couple of days ago. The news reported that they were deeply in love and cohabiting in a luxury property at Sai Kung Town and he owned a BMW vehicle.

When asked about her new romance, Ka Man replied to HK01 (香港01): “We are developing the relationship which starts not long ago. (Cohabitation?) Oh please, the news does not report all information correctly. I prefer to talk about my work in order not to affect him and his family. (Know each other through playing video games?) We do play games.”

Ka Man gains fame after shooting Tiger Mom Blues (親親我好媽) drama in 2017 and her natural acting skills is recognised by the audiences. Although she is “frozen” by TVB after filming ViuTV drama, 3X1 (三一如三), but the company lifts the limit quickly and arranges her to shoot a tour show, Home Abroad (3日2夜). Ka Man is heavily groomed by TVB and gossips begin to circulate as well. The most shocking news is that she was pointed to make a move on married man, Vincent Wong (兄弟) and texted him in private while shooting Fist Fight (兄弟) series. It is obvious that Ka Man cherishes her new relationship as her boyfriend, Anthony has a good family background and successful career.

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