Chau Pak Ho was present at an opening ceremony for a spectacle shop on 28th September 2018. He expressed he went for laser eye surgery 10 years ago and begun to have short-sightedness due to replying text messages in recent years. Pak Ho needed to wear spectacles when driving and planned to go for an eye check-up later: “My friend is diagnosed with macular degeneration and it becomes distorted view for him now. I must take care of my eyes well and worry about hair loss and having wrinkles. I realise I lose quite a lot of hair and start to take care of my liver and wash my hair twice a day.” He added his father continued to have thick hair with perfect eyesight and believed it might be due to his belly. Hence, Pak Ho told his wife to prepare salad for him and have a restricted diet.

Mentioning that the news reported Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) was late frequently and angered Alice Chan (陳煒) during the shooting for Wonder Women (多功能老婆) drama, Pak Ho said: “It is delayed for a month due to raining. Miriam needs to shoot film and drama at the same time and she manages to complete two tasks together. She is very professional and has a good attitude. I do not feel that her lateness makes anyone mad.”

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