Grace Chan (陳凱琳) attended an activity related to breast cancer precaution at Admiralty on 5th October 2018 and shared about making breakfast for her husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) on the stage. During an interview, she revealed to making simple breakfast such as cheese and egg and believed there was room for improvements. Kevin always finished the breakfast without any comments and when asked if she would make lunch and dinner for him, Grace said obtaining Kevin’s consent was the most important: “I know he will say there is no perfect person in this world.” Mentioning about filling in different addresses in notice of marriage, Grace hoped to retain some privacy and decide to fill in their current addresses.

In addition checking about Kevin opening an account on Instagram on 5th October 2018, Grace admitted to convincing him to setting up an account as he was clueless initially. Hence, she taught him and he could use his account to share his work updates. Grace did not have his account password and reject to manage his account. When asked if Kevin was an obedient student, Grace said: “So far so good! (He notices you immediately?) Of course. I am the first one to notice him and vice-versa.”

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