Lynn Hung (熊黛林) is married to Kenix Kwok’s (郭可盈) younger brother, Ken Kwok (郭可頌) in 2016 and turning to 38 years old next week. In April 2018, she gives birth to twins daughters, Kaylor and Lyvia and is currently taking care of them. On 2nd October, Lynn went to buy baby products with her mother, two daughters and maid at the Central.

Lynn wore a dress with sunglasses and resembled a rich man’s wife. They walked into a shop selling baby products and she was browsing at the utensils, bib and electric bottle warmer. The assistant attended to them with courtesy and Lynn told her mother to sit down to take a rest after carrying her granddaughter. At the point, the assistant noticed the reporters were taking photos of them and Lynn waved her hand to greet them. She said: “I have lots of stuff to buy.” They then left together through another exit.

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