Athena Chu (朱茵) is best noted for her role as Zixia Fairy (紫霞仙子) and has a breakthrough in new film, The Lingering (古宅) lately. She sacrifices her beauty and acts as Louis Cheung’s (張繼聰) mother. Athena applies special make-up to make herself look old and her wrinkled skin and grey hair resembles a granny.

In order to apply the special make-up, Athena has to wear a head cover and the “human skin” is applied on her face layer by layer after it is completed: “I saw one of the album covers which resembles to a plaster mould and it is quite interesting. I feel quite nervous when trying it as it has to be applied layer by layer on my head and need somebody to help when it starts to get heavy.”

Athena added she felt liked buried alive: “It is very frightening and the staff keep cracking jokes to make me laugh. They told me not to sleep as it had to redo.” As the whole process took 10 hours, Athena believed she must try it once in a lifetime.

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