Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) drama has aired its finale and the cast team becomes a highlight when promoting the series in Hong Kong earlier. As Xu Kai (許凱) playing Fucha Fuheng (富察傅恒) who is a dashing man and devoted to love in the drama, he gains fame in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and many rumours begin to surface gradually. He is pointed to show a black face upon arriving in Hong Kong and bowed to show his apology thereafter.

Apparently, Xu Kai’s old love, Dajin (金伶佳) has been exposing his black history in the past few months and calling him a “cheap guy”. Lately, a video clip showing Dajin reprimanding a drunk Xu Kai at the street and he was kneeling down with the help from both of his friends. She then scolded him loudly: “Do you admit you are a loser?” Both of his friends asked him: “Xu Kai, hurry and look at her! Cannot believe that you are the hottest model right now!” They demanded him to look at the camera and Xu Kai said: “Very good!” Dajin said immediately: “See, I can conquer anyone in this world!” Everyone started to laugh and she continued to reprimand Xu Kai: “You said you will stay sober and request for drunk.” From the look of it, the scene reminds of a consort giving a lecture to the servant.

In addition, Dajin is not a simple woman. Despite the separation in last March, she continues to expose that Xu Kai tried to date his filming partner, Bai Lu (白鹿) in The Legends (招搖) drama and suffered from domestic violence as well. Dajin uploaded many photos showing the injuries as evidence and pointed that he had affairs behind her back many times and called him a “gigolo”. Hence, the accusations begin to affect his image and the company clarified the domestic violence news was fake. On the other hand, Xu Kai admitted he was a jerk and made mistakes in the relationship on Weibo: “Arguments and pushing around did happen but not domestic violence. Hopefully I will become a better man when growing up one day.” Although he confessed his mistakes, but someone refused to let Xu Kai off and uploaded photo of him wearing swimming trunk in a modelling competition at 18 years old. Thus, it led to the netizens suspecting him for going under the knife including double eyelids. Xu Kai denied it and explained: “My double eyelids are hidden and it become visible slowly.”

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