Candy Law (羅霖) promoted her own restaurant at Causeway Bay on 5th October 2018 and had been busy with her acting career and food business.

She expressed she would be travelling to Okinawa to shoot a vacation with the pet in mid October and another shooting in Osaka in next month: “I am travelling in a private plane and there is delicious food and a dashing man for wedding shoot together. I am taking my son to Okinawa and dog to Osaka and we get to enjoy together. I reckon it will be a happy trip and I do not expect to wear wedding gown at this age. They really have confidence in me.”

Candy added her dog lived a better life than her as its food, grooming, showering and seeing a vet were sponsored. She got to sit a private plane, receive red packets and plan to transform her dog to a celebrity pet: “My dog is smart even at 5 months old and it can switch on lights, jump in circles and pray as well. Obviously, not every dog can do it.”

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