Catherine Chau (周家怡) joins showbiz for 20 years and worked for TVB after graduated from the acting class in 1996. As for Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), she signed contract with TVB after emerging as second runner-up in Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant in 1997. As both filmed TVB series, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記) together in 1999, both became good friends and maintained their friendship for 19 years. Catherine described they treated each other as family and said: “We are completely honest to each other and I dare to say anything to her.”

When mentioned about her good friend, Catherine was full of praises: “Charmaine is very caring and does many stuff behind my back. (Any examples?) I have little jobs and on-screen performances at the time and once, Charmaine made the first move to approach Spencer Leung (梁思浩) to recommend work to me.” A simple gesture made Catherine remembered it until now and Charmaine also guaranteed that she was a good artiste in front of different people. Apparently, Catherine had no knowledge at all when Charmaine was helping her secretly: “I am unaware of it until Spencer told me about it. I told Charmaine she was an amusing person and she replied with yes.” Although it was a simple reply, but Catherine felt it was full of warmth and appreciated her help.

Subsequently, Catherine felt depressed and thought about giving up. At the point, The Menu (導火新聞線) series was suspended from broadcasting and the client rejected her performance. She said: “The client told me it was my bad luck and I started to cry after hearing that. However, I managed to pick myself up quickly and told myself it was worth it if my unhappiness could exchange for a drama in return.” Catherine aimed to live her life to the fullest and hoped to have on-screen performances and breakthroughs. She also hoped to venture to Hollywood to shoot movie one day: “I really want to do something that an ordinary person cannot do it and wish to challenge myself by filming Marvel movie.”

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