Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) attended a brand event together on 11th October 2018. When asked if he had high expectations in terms of fashion, Louis said: “I love buying clothes but lack of time to go for shopping due to my work. I will try to browse around during my free time and need to understand the latest fashion, but quite clueless when comes to matching clothes and look for tips online.” Jessica stood besides him and complimented Louis had good fashion taste.

As it had been a long time since they worked together and filmed new movie lately and asking about the thoughts of working together again, Jessica said: “I feel relaxed and his knowledge has increased. He gives me lots of advice for every scene and script and it is completed smoothly. (Louis has very high expectations?) Yes. He keeps looking at the playback and fortunately, I know him long ago and do not feel stressed.” Checking if Louis threw his temper during the shooting, Jessica replied nope and looked at him. He then said helplessly: “I usually stay silent and the director makes the decision during the filming but will discuss with everyone though.”

When mentioned about Louis’s birthday was arriving and he celebrated birthday with Jessica as his boss earlier, she felt shocked and said: “Is it? He will be in overseas on his birthday and I am a sincere person but please do not invite me to dinner as I am on a diet.” Louis revealed he would be having a simple celebration with his family.

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