Chinese drama, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (如懿傳) starring Wallace Huo (霍建華) is currently broadcasting and his wife, Ruby Lin (林心如) definitely shows her support to him. As he acted as Qianlong Emperor who was getting mean each day, Ruby expressed she wanted to give up on the series. The plot illustrated that the king was bedazzled by Consort Rong played by Li Qin (李沁) and got the empress acted by Zhou Xun (周迅) to convince her to give in to him. Li Qin was angry with Zhou Xun as a result.

It is definite that Ruby feels mad upon watching the scene and posted two photos on Weibo. One photo shows her husband playing as Qianlong Emperor with the message: “Please let me be wilful for one time!” and another photo of Zhou Xun with the added message of letting him be wilful. Ruby left a note: “Feel like giving up on the series for the first time.” Looks like she is completely focusing on the drama and feeling mad at the same time.

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