Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) promoted her new song (兩口子) at the radio station on 9th October 2018. She expressed she returned to Hong Kong after hosting the show (女人四十) in Taiwan not long ago and it was tailor made for her. Kristal would be inviting different guests to conduct interviews and it should wrapped up in October. She hoped to promote her new song before shooting new series: “Have taken a rest for 6 months and unused to busy lifestyle now. I feel unhappy when cannot do exercises and my cat throws a temper slightly as it seldom sees me lately.”

As she was celebrating her birthday in Thailand this year and when asked if her husband, Chapman To (杜汶澤) prepared any surprise for her, Kristal said: “Nope, but he arranges it very well. He acts as a tour guide and everyone has an enjoyable time.”

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