Dilreba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) comes from Xinjiang and is conferred the title, “goddess” quickly due to her outstanding facial feature and tall built. She is also promoted to “A” grade actress in lighting speed as her drama always receive high rating records. As her series, Sweet Dreams (一千零一夜) was broadcast lately, one of the “extras” pointed Dilreba behaved like a big shot with a poor attitude. Subsequently, the news went viral and the production team decided to stand up for her due to becoming a serious matter.

As the shooting took place during the winter, it was freezing and the cast team members went into a florist shop to avoid the wind but the director told them to get out as Dilreba wanted to come in as well. The move angered them and she also rejected to give them autographs including her fans (children).  Dilreba used a black umbrella to shelter her to the resting room after the shooting and the extra criticised she had poor skin and all her facial features were squeezed on her small face.  Hence after the shooting, they felt disappointed in Dilreba and said: “Our hearts are broken into pieces.” Many netizens were shocked and could not imagine the scene.

Due to the rampant rumours, the production staff decided to stand up for Dilreba and clarified all were fake accusations. In order to convince the public, the staff uploaded photo of the shooting and praised Dilreba was a very courteous woman. At the drama set, she must listen to the instructions given by the film director and it was impossible for her to have the power to chase everyone out of the room. The staff added Dilreba was a professional actress who filmed action and raining scenes personally. Many netizens believed Dilreba was a friendly artiste and it was hard to believe the rumours especially when the “extra” failed to show any evidences.

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