Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) releases 3 albums since joining showbiz and his new album (星光) is achieving satisfactory sales result. He described one of his songs (雲彩) was the most creative: “I write this song to the cloud and want to do some meaningful stuff for the music. I sponsor 3 female children and teach the kids there to sing during an interview in Myanmar. I do miss them at times.”

As it had been a year since he released new album and his image was affected due to the exposure of his relationship with Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) last year, Fred said: “I definitely feel depressed and worry about my career. At the time, I need to calm myself down and decide to study music course in America. It is good to change a different environment and become a student again.”

When mentioned about chosen as the “top 10 most hatred celebrity” by the netizens from a sunny boy image, Fred laughed and said: “Once, I saw Johnson Lee (李思捷) at night and he told me we had online rankings. He told me to ignore it and focus on doing my duty well.”

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