Dream guy, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has many good friends after joining showbiz for a long time and one of them is Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) who maintains their friendship for nearly 20 years. Lately, he shared an old photo taken 20 years ago and a current photo with the same expressions and postures. Many netizens complimented their age looked “frozen” with an increased sense of maturity and masculine.

In the old photo, Nicholas has some baby fats and his sharp face shape increases his manly charm. As for Daniel, he remains manly and both look dashing as always. Both indeed deserve the title, dream guy.

Apparently, it is a rare sight to see that Daniel is searching for delicious food with Nicolas in Greece at his food show. When mentioned about working together again after 20 years later, Daniel left an emotional message online: “He is 17 and I am 23 years ago when shooting Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇) film at the time. Since then, we become good friends and film another movie, Gen-X Cops (特警新人類) together. After a few years later, we work together in the film, New Police Story (新警察故事) and this time is considered our reunion. Other than discussing about food and buildings, we also talk about the transformation from a boy to a man and it is good that we can relate our stories to our work. Do you think it is the right time to create new season of Gen-X Cops movie?” Many netizens agreed and looked forward to their next collaboration.

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